I developed the PulseCare Closed Pulse Irrigation™ system to relieve patient suffering and maximize safety for doctors and healthcare workers. Now, with our unique closed pulse lavage irrigation products and techniques, active hydro-wound debridement is safe for bedside use, removing biofilm and bacteria from the surface of open wounds.

Today, PulseCare™ products are used in leading medical facilities worldwide, and we are delighted to report extraordinary success in wound cleaning and healing for patients, while maximizing both safety and cost efficiency for practitioners.

Patrick V. Marasco, Jr., MD, FACS

because they enable hydro-wound debridement to be performed at the bedside in a way that safely contains all bacteria and contaminants, eliminates the possibility of splash back, and is cost efficient enough to allow daily use when indicated.

PulseCare Medical eliminates the cost of using operating rooms, increases safety, reduces contaminates and creates 
new hope for healing.

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Pulse Lavage Wound Cleaning

Wound healing through pulse irrigation is not new. It is a tried and true procedure widely used in operating rooms around the world. But use of operating rooms is expensive, and safety issues can be a major concern, especially since open pulsed irrigation can result in aerosolization or accidental splashback, spreading bacteria and contaminants.

At PulseCare Medical™ we have developed a unique series of products and techniques that we call Closed Pulse irrigation™ (CPI)™ 
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