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Prevention of Projectile and Aerosol Contamination During Pulsatile Lavage
Patrick V. Marasco, MD, Claire Sanger, DO, SE Gordon, BS, Jordan Simpson BS,
 Michael Morykwas PhD, Malcolm Marks MD
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
2005 V116, Number 3 supplement, No. 28
This study compared the WIB with the standard techniques of pulsatile lavage. Use of the [PulseCare]device decreased the amount of projectile and aerosolized pathogens during irrigation. The results showed statistically significant differences overall and at all 3 distances of exposure measured. A comparison of bacterial growth results concludes that the use of the WIB decreases contamination of the treatment facility and reduces exposure risk to operating room personnel.

PulseCare's wound irrigation bag can prevent aerosol contamination during pulse lavage. This article  describes the dangers of not using appropriate containment technology with pulse lavage treatment:
An Outbreak of Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Associated with 
Pulsatile Lavage Wound Treatment, JAMA, December 22/29. 2004 - Vol 292 No. 24 :3006-3011

Comparison of Wound Irrigation and Tangential Hydrodissection in 
Bacterial Clearence of Contaminated Wounds,
Mark S. Granick, MD, Mayer Tenenhaus, MD, Kevin R. Knox, MD, Jason P. Ulm, MD
Ostomy Wound Management

FDA Patient Safety News 
- Cover up and clean up to prevent deadly infections. by Jamie Fuller, DDS, MPH, MT(ASCP)

Prevention of Projectile and Aerosol Contamination During Pulsatile Lavage Irrigation Using a Wound Irrigation Bag
J. Angobaldo, MD; C. Sanger, DO; M. Marks, MD
Posted: 09/23/2008; Wounds. 2008;20(6):167-170. © 2008 HMP Communications

Comparison of Bulb Syringe and Pulsed Lavage Irrigation with use of a Bioluminescent 
Musculoskeletal Wound Model
Svoboda SJ, Bice TG, Gooden HA, Brooks DE, Thomas DB, Wenke JC
J Bone Joint Surg Am 2006 Oct;88(10):2167-74
Source: United States Army Institute of Surgical Research

The Role of Biofilms:  Are We Hitting The Right Target?
Randall Wolcott, M.D., C.W.S., Scott Dowd, Ph.D.
Current Concepts in Wound Healing, Supplement to Plastic and Reconstructive 
Surgery, Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Volume 127, Number 15, January Supplement 2011

Pulsatile Lavage for the Enhancement of Pressure Ulcer Healing:  A randomized Controlled Trial
Chester H. Ho, Toula Bensitel, Xiaofeng Want, Kath M. Bogie
PhysicalTherapy, Research Report, Volume 92, Number 1, January 2012

World Health Day 2011 focuses on antimicrobial resistance and its global spread.

World Health Organizations declares “there is a pressing need for new products to be
brought to market for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease." 
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