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PulseCare Medical is Healing Wounds and Saving Lives

by Dr. Patrick V. Marasco, MD, FACS on 02/23/12

I developed the PulseCare Closed Pulse Irrigation™ system to relieve patient suffering and maximize safety for doctors and healthcare workers.  We are delighted with the positive feedback we have received from patients and health care workers all over the world.  Please enter your comments here.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Kindest regards,
Patrick V. Marasco, MD, FACS

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1. Marcia Polese said on 2/23/12 - 10:28AM
I just want to let you know how thrilled we were that my father's leg ulcers cleared up when he started the PulseCare Irrigation. After only one treatment, his excruciating pain was gone, and eventually the Mercer infection cleared up, too. It saved his leg....and for a 90-year-old former tennis champ that meant the world to him. With deepest gratitude to you and the PulseCare team. Marcia Polese, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA
2. Doug Doyle said on 5/16/12 - 10:28AM
I was wondering if you have researched the effects of piezo devices for ultrasonics or light or magnetic beams for would closure or cleaning?
3. Karen Brown said on 6/7/12 - 02:20PM
I have seen CPI work miracles, Dr.Marasco and his staff saved my girlfriends leg with this treatment,She lived in NY and the NY doctors wanted to amputate her leg from the hip down, She came to see Dr.Marasco and he used CPI, she was healed and never lost her leg. Today, I went to Dr.Marasco, this time with my step-daughter, with mulitple foot wounds,after one treatment the areas looks so much better. Dr.Marasco is one of the most caring, giving, knowledgable doctors in the world. I and my family thank him from the bottom of our hearts.
4. Ellie said on 6/12/12 - 08:43AM
I've just started CPI on leg ulcers that I've been dealing with since last August. I'm seeing great improvement after only 3 treatments--much better than the "progress" I had made since August with the traditional method of treatment. My doctors have never heard about CPI. I hope your PR people can spread the word rapidly to make others aware. Can CPI be done effectively on an outpatient basis?
5. Brian Boston said on 7/9/12 - 08:34PM
I first learned about Pulsecare from my stepmother's.friend who was having ttreatment done. My wife and I were on vacation in Massachusetts and met said patient. We were amazed in the complete healing of her foot. I never thought a few years later the Dr. Marasco would be introducing this treatment to my sister. After 3 weeks one of her feet was almost healed! Without this man, she wouldn't have the care anywhere else. We would like to thank you for your kind, caring and big heart for helping our family! THANK YOU!

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